Ferry Operations

SMS are proud to be associated with Condor Ferries offering a wide range of services and facilities. This company provides the most comprehensive route network to the Channel Islands.

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Turnaround Services
We work in conjunction with ferry operators to supply a complete package from passenger arrival in the port which includes marshaling, check-in and vessel loading. SMS aims to provide everything that is needed whilst in port at Portsmouth.

Meet and Greet
At SMS we understand that our service is critical to cementing your passengers’ positive and happy memories of their ferry experience. Our carefully chosen and experienced customer handling team is in place to provide a professional meet and greet service to your passengers on your behalf.

So whether it is international passengers who are arriving in Portsmouth for the first time or UK passengers as they arrive with us to embark on their journey, you can be assured that they will receive a warm and friendly welcome from efficient and well trained staff.

Baggage Handling
We provide a comprehensive baggage handling service to your customers using our specialist eco-friendly plant and equipment. Our experienced baggage handlers will ensure that luggage is transported safely and expediently whether it is to the ferry for embarking passengers or to a clearly laid out baggage hall where disembarking passengers can collect their luggage before proceeding to Border Controls.

Passenger Check-in
We operate our own fully equipped passenger check-in facility in the passenger terminal. This enables our check-in team to work closely with ferry operator representatives to provide a quick, courteous and professional check-in service. Our comprehensive service covers everything from Passport and Visa checking through to keeping passengers informed of arrival and boarding information through the Port tannoy system.

We can also offer you the ability to brand our check-in facility in your own company livery as well as being able to distribute literature and information relating to your own specific services and products.

Passenger Registration
Our priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and passengers at all times and compliance with The Merchant Shipping (Counting and Registration of Persons on Board Passenger Ships) Regulations 1999 is a vital part of this process.

Our systems and highly trained personnel ensure we conform to our duties under the Regulations and enable us to compile and submit all relevant information directly to each ferry prior to sailing.

Stores & Baggage Loading
Using our own forks, telehandlers, platforms, cages and conveyors we receive and load all stores, including, food and beverage stores, on to disembarking ships as well as loading and unloading passenger baggage.

Freight Check-in
We have a similar but separate facility freight check-in service for our haulage customers who are travelling to the continent using various Ferry services operating from Portsmouth.

Freight check-in staff have to be trained and conversant with the rules covered by the IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods code) as well as SOLAS (the International Convention for Safety of Lives At Sea) and the Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Cargoes Regulations 1999). The Code and Regulations are regulated and governed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Our freight team is familiar with a wide range of cargo including hazardous goods and will advise you on the safest and most space efficient way to load and stow cargo on board the vessel while making sure that the correct load separation distance criteria are carefully observed.

About Condor Ferries
Condor Ferries was founded in 1964 and initially operated a passenger service between France and the Channel Islands. In 1987, the first service linking the Channel Islands with the UK was launched and since then Condor Ferries has operated a year-round service connecting the UK through Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth, the Channel Islands through Guernsey and Jersey and the ports of St Malo and Cherbourg in France.

Condor Ferries operates Condor Vitesse, Condor Express, and Condor Rapide fast cat ferries. In 1999, Commodore Clipper, a conventional car, passenger and freight-carrying vessel was introduced to the fleet to offer an all-weather, year-round service. Each year, Condor Ferries carries more than 1 million passengers and 200,000 passenger vehicles.
Condor Ferries also operates Commodore Goodwill, as a freight only vessel. The Condor Ferries fleet carries 100,000 freight vehicles into the Channel Islands each year, as well as exporting tonnes of local produce.

It is also an active member of the communities within which it operates and supports numerous organisations, sports and charities through sponsorship and travel.

More information about Condor Ferries and its ferry operations services is available at www.condorferries.com

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