Other Services

In addition to our core commercial activities, we offer a number of other services which can be one-off projects or carried out on a regular but ad-hoc basis.

If there is a service you would like that we have not mentioned below or elsewhere on our site, please contact us on 02392 819600 to discuss your requirements.

If we can’t help you directly ourselves, we will know someone who can.

Transport Delivery
We offer extremely competitive rates for the transport and delivery of packages. We can handle full or part loads or any consignment that you need to transport to any destination whether domestic or continental. We are very reliable and offer a fast, cost effective service.

Working with our business partners using the European pallet network, we are able to offer package, parcel and courier services for any size of consignment whether it is part or full load, groupage or over-weight off load goods. We have handled a wide range of transport and delivery requirements from engine parts to fresh fruit and we’re happy to consider and quote for any transport and freight enquiries our customers may need and whether it is export or import consignments.

International Haulier Support Services
SMS can help international hauliers arriving at the Port of Portsmouth only to discover that their load is not compliant with UK road traffic legislation and are consequently not allowed to leave the Port until the load has been appropriately adjusted.

We offer 24/7 support which can be as simple as using our multi-lingual staff to communicate with the driver through to ensuring vehicles and loads are compliant with UK road traffic legislation.

We can provide the following:

  • A freight check-in service with staff who are specially trained to ensure they are conversant with the loading and carriage regulations and are familiar with a wide range of cargo including hazardous goods.
  • Advice on the safest and most space efficient way to load and stow cargo on board the vessel and making sure that the correct load separation distance criteria are carefully observed.
  • The skills and equipment to adjust, reload or move vehicle loads to comply with UK road traffic legislation so that the vehicle is allowed to leave the Port and travel to its delivery destination without delay.
  • Support and assistance to hauliers experiencing mechanical or technical difficulties.
  • Communication /translation support for drivers through our multi-lingual workers.

With our wide ranging expertise we are confident we can offer other haulier related services not listed above so please contact us with your enquiry. If we are not able to help directly then we will be able to point you to someone who can through our wide network of industry contacts.